2009 - 2016 SHAD PICTURES
Guy Neff's first picture submitted for the 2013 season. A 16" fish caught on the St. John's river on 12/28/12. Nice job Guy.
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Bill's Flies
Winner for 1stpictures for 2013 season. Guy Neff got it 12/28/12 on the ST/ John's river in FL.
Bill Mares got this and about 10 others fly fishing the ST. Johns on 12/31/12
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1st Shad picture of 2010 Shad run. William Mares on the St Johns River in Florida got it on 12/24/09. It looks like he sent in the 1st and last shad picture for 2009.
 1st Shad picture of 2009. William Mares on the St Johns River in Florida. Sorry Clay did not repreat for the 3rd year
Clay Henderson sent in the first shad picture this year. He got it on the St Johns on 2/20/10
Chris Black, a Woo's Lures customer, sent in the first picture of 2011. I am waiting on particulars of the catch.
Guy Neff wins the first picture of 2012. He caught this nice fish on New years Day on the St Johns east of Orlando.
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For 2 year's in a row Guy Neff wins the first picture of 2013 He caught this nice 16" fish on 12/28/12 on the St Johns .
Guy Neff wins the first picture of 2014. 
Once again Guy Neff is winner for 2015!! 4 years in a row with this 15.5 inch shad
Guy Neff 2016
Clay Henderson - 2916
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