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In order to keep this page more up to date and interesting I am adding a guestbook where anyone can enter questions or current news to share with everyone. All you have to do is go into the guestbook below and type in your information. I reserve the right to correct entries or delete information I do not feel is appropriate. Your participation will determine how interesting and current this new page will be. It is very easy. Just stop by occasionally and type in what is going on in your world. Thanks for your partication.  You can also see what is going on in Woo's world by checking my Blog at     or my Flickr pictures at:   or My Facebook                                                                                               

When making entries in the Guest Book do not press the enter key until you have completed everything or an incomplete entry will be submitted. Use the mouse cursor to go from field to field. If you make a mistake don't sweat it, just start over, and I will delete the incomplete message. If you want to make a correction, use cut and paste to copy the incorrect message. Then sign in again, paste the message, and make your correction. I will delete the old message. Actually don't worry about mistakes as long as your message is understandable it is fine. Entry times are Pacific Coast.

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