Storing eels
Keeping eels alive can sometimes be a challenge.  Try the following 2 container method, which I have found works very well. Get 2 containers of the same type. The larger the containers the more eels you can store. For example two 5 gallon buckets can store 2 dozen eels very well, while two pint ice cream containers are good for only 2 - 3 small eels. Small holes are to be punched in one container which also needs a top. This container is put inside the other container. Take off the top and put in the eels. Cover them with a damp rag and cover the rag with ice cubes. Then replace the top.  Eels can climb out of containers very easily so always keep the top on!! Store the container out of the sun in a cool spot. Refrigerate if possible. Daily maintenance is required. Dump any water in the outside bucket, remove any dead eels, replace damp rag, and add more ice.  Giving the eels a swim in cool aerated water every couple of days will liven them up and prolong their life.
That is it.
(G   X  L)/ 800
Estimating fish weight
When you practice catch and release, it is important to get that fish in the water as quickly as possible. If you want the weight, it can be estimated quite accurately with the following formula: Multiply the Length times the Girth squared and divide the result by 800. For long and skinny fish ( i.e. baracuda) division by 900 will be more accurate.
Preparing "Poor Man's Shrimp"
If you enjoy great eating, try this recipe for cooking yellow or white perch fillets. Take some nice fresh fillets (no bones please). Cut them in half and put them in boiling water for just 5 minutes. Remove from boiling water and rinse in cold water in a strainer.  Remove excess water with paper towel then put in refrigerator for at least 1 hour to firm up the meat. Fish will keep for a few days refrigerated. Serve as you would shrimp with red sauce. I make my red sauce by just combining ketchup, a touch of lemon juice, and horse radish to taste. Enjoy!
Doctor's Abaco Loop
First time revealed  to the public. Click here to see how to tie this fantastic fishing knot.
Buff your lures
Keep a small piece of green scrubby pad in your tackle box to keep your  metal lures tarnish free and shinny.
Fishing with live eels on the beach
Follow tip above for keeping your eels fresh. Take a ziplock bag with 4 fresh eels with you out on the beach some dark night on an outgoing tide. Make sure the bag has a few ice cubes to keep the eels fresh. Have a few sharp hooks rigged with 12 -24 inch leaders and a barrel swivel. When you are ready to fish take a fresh eel out of the bag and throw it away. Then hook on a Lewinsky and go get 'em.
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Tying Knots
It has been shown that tying knots with any sort of oil on your hands can cause knot  failure. This is especially true when using braided super lines. Make sure your hands are dry and oil free whenever tying. Your own body generates oil so beware.