Woo's Family Map Page
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I  am in process of adding family members to this map. Family Only please help and put in your own information, comments, and picture. Pick a pin color corresponding to your age. No cheating. Thanks
This map shows the home locations of family members. If yours is missing or incorrect please join map and add your own information. Multiple entries are permitted even at the same address. I will add family members as time permits, if I have the required information.

See helpful hints below. Email Woo if your having problems.

- Click box upper right of map to join - it is free (personal information not required). I reserve the right to delete anyone at my own discretion. Keep it all clean and pure. Add messages as you wish.

- Clicking  picture box on map will give you more detail on individual.

- When sending messages, scroll down to get publish button if it is not visible.

- Gray bar at left is used to zoom in and out.

- Sometimes the legend  link does not appear, so here is the color key:
Blue Pin is age 0 - 20, Red Pin is age 21 - 50, Green Pin is for age 51 - older.
Set your pin color when you join the map. Be honest!

- If you make a mistake putting in info when you join, just rejoin. I will delete error entries.

- You can pan map by holding down left cursor button and moving cursor.

- Click view all to see world map.

- Click or double click the scrolling picture bar. Info on person you click will come up.

- Speed of scrolling pictures can be changed by the way you move your Carson on the pictures. Experiment.

- Click black X in upper right hand corner to close window.

- If you just leave the map alone for a bit, it will automatically scroll through pins.

- If you include your email address when you join, you will receive an email including the content of any messages left for you.

- If you make an error or want me to delete your pin entry just email me.