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Fat Belly - Powder Painted

Unlike the other Fat Belly darts these darts are painted with powder paint. This is a more difficult process especially for two colors. The dividing line between the two colors is not as clean as the darts painted with enamel paints. However, the powder paint give a nice hard surface and good colors are available. Fishing them about 1 foot below a #4 or #5 removable split shot gives them better action and improves casting distance. The only available colors as pictured top to bottom are Chartreuse/green, Chartreuse,  Yellow/ red, Yellow,  Pink/black, Pink, White/red, White. Supply limited. Call for availability. 

Price: $1.00 each plus S/H

This special is for one each of the 8 powder painted Fat Belly darts pictured above. No changes. Supply limited. Call for availability. 

Special Price: $6.50 plus S/H

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