Woo's Lures
Hall of Shame
I pride myself in providing the very best service for my customers. In order to speed up my shipments I often ship orders before payment is received.  Usually my customers are prompt in sending payments, but on occasion some individuals take advantage of my trust and do not pay for orders. After repeated attempts to contact these individuals fail, I post their names here to warn others about these dishonest people. I have found my fishing customers on the whole to be a very honest lot, and it is a shame some people take advantage of the situation. I am glad to work out a payment plan with any customer who is experiencing financial problems. I will gladly remove names from this list if the person contacts me to arrange for making a payment or to explain extenuating circumstances. Eventually unpaid accounts will be turned over to a collection agency which will adversely affect a person's credit rating. A few bad experiences will not curtail me from providing the very best service I can for my customers. 

Matt Halis - 761 Matianuck Ave.,Windsor, CT 06095
karrmite@hotmail.com- Outstanding balance: $21.05 Since 10/12/15

Jeremy Huhn Dupont, PA - Outstanding balance: $64.80 Since 5/3/13

Rod Hajdasz - PO Box 282. Westmoreland, NY 13490-0282, email hajdasz673@roadrunner.com
                            Outstanding balance: 47.50 Since 9/18/10

Henry T. Jamesonn - Atlanta, GA - Outstanding balance: $42.00 Since 4/1/09