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Molly and Collin Shockey Super Bowl Sunday. Go Giants!!!!!
Mike and Les getting ready to solve a plumbing problem at Laurie's Mom's house on Christmas Day.
Kirstin and Jen relaxing on the porch after the Olympic events.
Gina in the Family Olympics dart throwing event as it rained. Steb and MC look on in background. 8/2/08

Lily at 10 months and Woo 883 months. I refuse to be out done by the little brat.

Grace Belanger checking out her new sister Mary born 10/16/08. Parents
Craig and Abigail Belanger. Grand parents Fred and Deb.

Some Older pics below
Fred and Deb's daughter Abigail and husband Craig have a new addition to the family. Mary Gibson Belanger born 10/16/08. Sister, Grace looks on approvingly. Congratulations to all.
Uncle Paul Groves, Grandma Laurie Groves, Grandpa Les Groves adoring new addition, Lily on her first Christmas. Where are the proud parents, Carrie and Tim, hiding out?