Woo's Shad Videos
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4/21/08 - Woo's first shad of 2008 taken above the Dingmans Bridge. 6 pounder taken on yellow/red dart.
John Leach (top) with his buddy Lee Vought had some good action with the shad below the Conowingo Dam in 2008. Lee's Picture was from a trip in 2007. Nice action shots of jumping hickory taken by John with his Canon rebel digital camera. I hope that green dart was one of Woo's. Visit John's Websites at http://www.freewebs.com/johnleach/links.htm
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Shad fishing on the Sacramento river
Shad Fishing in South Carolina
Shad Happens
Bass Pro Shad Video
Shad Happens
Tweaking a shad spoon
Boat fishing for shad on the Delaware
Splash girls gone fishing - American river shad
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Video of Capt. Mickey Melchiondo (future guide on the Delaware river)  landing a nice 4lber. Email Woo if you want to contact Mickey

YouTube Video of the Week
Shad fishing the Neuse River 

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Rick's Rock
Connecticut River Shad Fishing

"Shad Happens"