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Shad in Schools Claymation video
The email below and video link above was sent to me by Bill McWha:

Hi Everyone,

Below is a forward from Jim Cummins the man who started the Shad in Schools program in the Potomac River Basin. Please click on the YouTube link and watch the 7 minute claymation about American Shad made by second graders. These kids have been really imprinted by their Shad in Schools program.

Lee Cain, a colleague from the Anacostia Watershed Society who works closely with several of the schools involved in the Potomac shad project, sent me this cute claymation-video (see YouTube link below) produced this year by a second grade class (through teacher Sonal Sheth) about the American shad, the Anacostia River, the Chesapeake Bay, and a host of other relationships.   I really liked the perspectives of the class, the art work, and as another great example of the way the shad project, via creative teaching, opens doors and minds.   Imprinting, which brings adults back to the river.

I am not too familiar with the Shad in Schools program, but what I have learned is very impressive. I am starting this page on my website to hopefully help spread the word about the program and gain support for it. Please email in your comments, pictures, and information on this topic to be included on this page.
11/10/09 - Click below for a 6 page PDF Shad Report for 2008 by Jim Cummins, Sandy Burk and Jeanette O"Connor. The Shad in Schools program was the best ever this year.
In total, this year's collective educational program released 30,124 shad fry, reached

over 2,019 students, trained 45 teachers, and involved over 100 volunteers!

Please read the testimonials from the teachers on the last page.

Thank you,