Shad River Location maps
I have tried to provide links for many of the shad fishing rivers to facilitate finding access points. If you click on the small map  you will go to a google map where you can zoom in, pan, change map size, etc. Zoom in if you do not see the river. Websites like google maps and mapquest allow you to explore a map and get directions much like you can on a gps. When fishing in less populated areas along these rivers be sure to bring a handheld gps, map or a compass to ensure you don't get lost and also make sure to bring a pair of walking boots or footwear you'll be comfortable standing in for the amount of time you'll be out there. Page is being updated to utilize new technology.

<----------York River.
<--------------James River
<----------Rappahannock River
<----------Great Pee Dee River
North River, MA
Bonneville Dam Area - North Bonneville, WA
Russian River, CA
Merrimack River, MA