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12/16/16 Due to health issues I have not been updating this website in the last few years, but most of the info is still of value. I am trying to get back to make it more current. Your patience is appreciated. 
5/15/16 After not fishing for a few years, I finally caught a few small stripers. 
7/2015 I am sad to report my friend and owner of Scorton Creek Tackle passed away. He was a great fisherman and friend. He will be greatly missed by all.
 1/12/13 I am collaborating with Scorton Creek Tackle to bring the Famous "Flexeel"
fly to Woo's Lures.  This sand eel imitation was developed on Cape Cod and has had outstanding success catching stripers. Coming soon.
1/19/11 There is some bad stuff going on in North Carolina- http://www.examiner.com/fish-and-wildlife-policy-in-charlotte/commercial-trawlers-slaughtering-thousands-of-striped-bass-off-the-outer-banks 

2010 It was such a bad year surf fishing on the cape I neglected this site. I will get back to it in 2011. The seals all but destroyed the surf fishing on the outer beaches of cape cod. 

12/13/09 - Striper fishing off the beaches of Cape Cod continues to get worse. Seals and lack of bait continiue to be the main problem. Very few of the regular fishermen are seen on the beach any more. 
8/21/08 - My worst year ever surf fishing on Cape Cod. I have yet to take a striper from Nauset Beach this year. Fishing has been so bad I have not even gone surf fishing for almost 2 months. I used to fish every day. 

1/27/08 - See new VA state record striper

12/17/07 - I am in the process of revising this website to clean up some of the clutter I have added through the years. I hope you find the changes to be improvements. I am unhappy to report the striper situation from my standpoint is still on the decline. My personal striper count for this year dropped to 765 from 1400+ in 2006. I fish mostly from the beaches and the shore of the bays on outer Cape Cod. The number of big fish has declined drastically. Most other fishermen I have talked to have similar results. Do what you can to help rectify this bad situation. Get involved!

2/07/06 - My comments below turned out to be very prophetic. The striper fishing on the beach this year on Cape Cod was poor. Every year since 2000 things have been all down hill. Do your part to try to reverse this trend or you better take up golf.

1999 - Here is our quarry. Pictured is a 38" bass taken in Cape Cod bay in July 1999. Fish was quickly released.  A beautiful fish which is trouble again. There are not enough large fish around, and this will surely affect future generation since only the older fish will breed. We must push catch and release and stop being greedy and keeping so many fish. Recreational fisherman can not put all the blame on the commercial fisherman when many keep as many fish as they can. Regulatory bodies must put more stringent laws in affect with enforcement or we will lose this magnificent fishery. Please do your part and support organizations such as the SFRFA , STRIPERSFOREVER, and CCA which are fighting to save our fishing resources and the environment.

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