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What is a shad spoon?
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  A shad spoon is a fishing lure for catching a species of fish known as shad (American shad or hickory shad) not a spoon for eating shad or shad roe. It is a lightweight spoon constructed by soldering a hook to a willow leaf blade. It woobles when retrieved in the water and for this reason is sometimes is called a flutter spoon. They are usually painted in bright color combinations to attract the fish though they are also effective unpainted in the gold or silver color of the willow leaf blades. They usually come in 4 sizes #0, #1, #2, #3 with #0 being the smallest. They can also be used to catch other species of fish such as trout, bass, pickerel and panfish. Ice fishermen also use them.
Willow Leaf blade lengths and normal hook sizes:
#0 - .5 inches         #4    Gold Aberdeen hooks
#1 - .75 inches       #2    Gold Aberdeen hooks
#2 - 1 inch              #1    Gold Aberdeen hooks
#3 - 1.25 inches     #1/0 Gold Aberdeen hooks

Hooks are soldered so length of the bend from the blade varies by hook size.  Bronze Aberdeen hooks can be used, but most shad fishermen prefer the gold. Picture above shows the most common spoon set up on 1/4 inch grid paper. 

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