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The Product: Most shad spoons are made by soldering a willow leaf blade on to a gold aberdeen hook, but there are other small spoons available which can be used effectively for catching shad. Small kastmasters, hopkins, swedish pimples, phoebes, little cleos, etc. are some alternative choices. The sizes should be on the small side (i.e. an inch or less). The willow leaf spoons come in four sizes #0 - 9/16", #1 - 3/4", #2 - 1" and #3 1.25". Shad will hit almost any brightly colored spoon with some of the popular colors being gold, silver, chartreuse, pink, yellow, white, orange, green, red or combinations of colors and patterns. The backs of the willow leaves come in gold and silver with both a hammered and smooth surface. The #3 spoon also comes in a serrated spoon with a smooth or hexagon pattern. Hooks that bend easy are advisable since shad fishing locations are often loaded with snags. Often you can recover a lure by pulling the line gently to bend the hook. 

Where to buy shad spoons: Obviously I am prejudice, but Woo's Lures does provide a wide selection of well made spoons at a very good price. Check them out on my site. Ebay is another good source for buying shad spoons look for woofish auctions. Many tackle shops near shad fishing rivers carry spoons made by local shad fisherman. The Delaware River Shad Fishing Association (DRSFA) has a March flea market in Bethlehem, PA where spoons are always on sale. James River Outdoors sells Marathon silver spoons. I am always glad to give my competitors some free advertising. The quality of my products and my good service keeps my customers coming back, and I like to give them buying options. 

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