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Shad Spoons: 

Type Code SS1: One color spoons painted both side with powder paint.

Type Code SS2: Unpainted spoons.

Type Code SS3: Spoons painted only on the inside.

Type Code EHS: E H Spoons painted only on the inside short hook & ring.

Large Shad Spoons: Large #3 spoons in a number of finishes and hook styles.

Type Code GSS: Glitter Shad Spoons - custom only - coated with glitter.

Type Code CWWIG: Wigging Spoons

Shad Spoon Weights:

Type Code SSW14, 12, 34, 10: Shad Spoon weights in sizes 1/4 oz., 1/2 oz., 3/4 oz., and 1 oz. sizes. 

Type Code RSSS: Removable Shad Spoon Split shot.

Shad Spoon rings and snaps:

Type Code SSZR and SSBR: Spoon Spoon split rings in zinc and brass.

Type Code SSI: Small Duolock black interlocking snap.

Shad Spoon Rigs:

Type Code SSR: Shad Spoon rig.

Type Code DSR: Double shad rig.

Making Shad Spoon Supplies:

Type Code WL: Willow Leaves. #0, #1, #2 - Gold & Silver, Ham & Sm

Large #3 Willows: Including new serrated willow.

Type Code GAH: Gold Aberdeen hooks.

Type Code SSK: Make your own shad spoon kit. #0,1,2

Bulk purchase - gift or resale boxes:

Type Code OSSBX: One Side painted Spoon box.

Type Code PPSBX: Powder painted spoon box.

Type Code SDBX: Shad Dart Box.

Type Code BEGBX: Beginners Box.

Type Code FBDBX: Fat Belly Dart box.

Type Code 120SBX: 120 Shad spoon box.

Type Code SSMBX: 240 mixed spoon box.

Type Code SSWBX: 120 Shad Spoon weight box.

Type Code FLYBX: Mix of shad flies, spoons, and darts

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