Woo's Club and Association Links
American Littoral Society
Atlantic Saltwater Flyrodders
Berkeley Striper Club
Coastal Conservation Association
Cape Cod Salties
Connecticut Surf Caster Association
Hudson River Fisherman's Association of NJ
International Game Fish Association
Jersey Coast Anglers Association
Long Island Beach Buggy Association
Massachusetts Striped Bass Association
Narragansett Salt Water Fishing Club
New England Shad Association.
New Jersey Beach Buggy Association
Plum Island Surfcasters
Rhode Island Saltwater Anglers Association
Recreational Fishing Alliance
Salty Flyrodders of NY
Tarboro Association of Saltwater Sportsmen
There are many associations and clubs that support our sport of fishing. These groups do many good things to assure we have a clean environment, a good supply of fish, and useful information to make our fishing experience an enjoyable one. Many have programs to get kids interested in fishing. Your financial and personal support are important. Get involved! Do not expect the other guys to do all the work. If you don't like something, write your political representatives and let them know how you feel. Remember what we do will determine whether our children and grand children have the same fishing opportunities we are enjoying. Many of the links on this page have useful and interesting information. Check them out. Email me links for Clubs and associations you would like added.
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