I am sure you are asking what is a "Flipism"? I have been watching Flip Pallot's fishing show "The Walkers Cay Cronicles" on TV for many years, and I have always enjoyed the colorful descriptive comments he uses on the show. A year ago I started compiling a list of these comments (flipisms) and I even started making up some of my own. Below I have listed some of my favorite flipisms for your enjoyment. I don't believe the show is any longer on TV though at times Flip is can still be on other shows. 
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                               NEW FLIPISMS

·Their quivering bodies lit up like neon
·When you hook one your body goes into orbit
·They dig in and hold you hostage for a long time
·The fish move in unison like a single organism
·Unfurling them like capes to make them appear more threatening.
·If I could jump like a sailfish, I would do it every morning
·He was definitely a tough guy.
·I sent the fly out on a fact finding mission and got results back immediately
·As I watched the melodic performance
·I sent the lure on a fact finding mission
·He surgically removed the carp from the river.
·Dawn flooded the sky with fire
·The Tarpon presented an elusive presence
·That snook belongs to Flip's favorite game fish club.
·That fish is a tough as a 4 wheel drive vehicle
·Rocks don't swim
·I entered the backyard of my neighborhood (The Everglades)
·The dolphin were escorting us over the towering waves
·The stars were too well aligned for just one chance at Mr. Blue.
·The rough ocean made riding the boat more like bull riding.
·The Cuda and the Pike are so much alike they must have shared the same watch (or waters) at the     dawn of time.
·Whoever would elect to kill a fish that looks like a moon in flight is no friend of mine.
·Two friends, old and stretching time, fighting fish in a paradise on the upside of the world know as the Florida Keys.
·No bass anywhere entertained better
·Where was I ? In a dream? The answer was yea and angling dream
·The tarpon nestled like silver trophys
·The fish massed like gazelle on the Serengeti
·When you hook a permit is  like you pulled out the plug on the bottom of the ocean, and then the       ocean is trying its best to suck it back.

· MORE TO COME  - Old list below