Woo's Shad Fishing
4/1/12 Not an April fools day report. Check Bailey's report for the Potomac. http://g.co/maps/khtk8.
3/21/12  Reports indicate shad are running pretty well on the Delaware. However low water levels has made it tough fishing some places. We need some rain. That is a big switch. Usually we are worried about high water and floods this time of the year. 
2/18/12 - here is link to a good video on Delaware Shad fishing. http://t.co/ns65rqzD
2/15/12 - I am continuing my Woo's Lures business until it is sold. I am taking orders and have been very busy this year. Get your order in early since I am getting a little backed up. 
1/10/12 - In October I suffered a stroke which has slowed me up. I feel pretty well, but it takes me longer to do things now. I plan to keep maintaining my sites best I can. I will be offering my Woo's Lures business for sale. I regret this, but keeping up with all the orders is difficult. I will still run the business as I have previously until it is sold. It is a wonderful fun business for a retired fisherman and you make a nice supplementary income. Contact me if you are interested. Email Woo
4/17/11 - Too busy making lures to do much in the way of updating information on this site. The DRSFA site has some good current info. Check it out. 
3/22/11 - Here is a video of shad fishing the Delaware on 3/11/11 where shad were taken.
3/21/11 Rob Worthington-Kirsch is the winner in the 2010 fish reports free lure drawing. Congratulations Rob. Many guys submitting reports do not include their email addresses and are not elligible for entry in the drawing. 
2/21/11 What is your favorite shad dart color. See current survey results at here or go to the Shad Survey page. If you have not entered the survey it is not too late. Results will be updated periodically.
1/16/11 - Don't forget to complete the shad surveys you may win some free lures. 
1/14/11 - I got a report that shad were caught on the St. Johns River in December. See story here.
1/10/11 - Go to Articles of  Interest to see ASMFC Kathy Hattal Email
12/26/10 - The annual St Johns Shad Derby will be held on Jan. 29th. See picture and information at the right. Contact Rich Seipel at SeipelZONE@aol.com.
12/25/10 - Merry Christmas! 
9/13/10 - A Connecticut River Shad Fishing Site is under development at http://connshad.homestead.com/index.html. If you are interested, contact Woo.
5/30/10 See articles of interest for info on the Nanticoke River shad hatchery.
5/6/10 Shad are being caught in most of the rivers now in New England. I just got a report that some good catches were made at Holyoke. The good fishing continues on the Delaware which has had the best run of shad in many years. 
4/12/10 - I have been getting good fishing reports from both the Potomac River and the Delaware. Fish seemed to have arrived early and in fairly good number compared to the last few year.  There is still concern about the fishery in general so please practice catch and release. See Chris Gatley article on Articles of interest and other reports on my Twitter.
4/8/10 - I got a report that American shad are at Conowingo dam on 4/7
4/8/10 - Dave Banks has boat for sale. See classified ads for details.
4/7/10 - Joe Zaientz reported no shad yet on Conn. River.
3/30/10 The Shad museum on the Connecticut river run by Joe Zaientz is opening on April 11th. Stop by and pay them a visit. 
3/12/10- Hopefully the NY Times article is true regarding the article I posted on 3/9/10. The administration does not want to ban recreational fishing. These days it is hard to know what to believe.  In any event recreational fishermen should be continually vigilant to fight any threat to our favorite pasttime. 
3/9/10 - For some time we have been concerned about the shrinking shad population. Well, now there is a much bigger threat to our recreational fishing and jobs in that industy. If the environmentalists and Obama have their way, our access and ability to fish  may be drastically reduced. See article here. We better take some action with our politcal representatives or it will be too late. 
3/6/10 - I got an anonymous report that shad are being caught at the Trenton power plant on the Delaware River.
3/5/10 - See an interesting shad article from Florida. Click here.
3/5/10 - check out Kevin Ingram's interview on the DRSFA site.
2/22/10 Check out the new DRSFA site at www.DRSFA.org.
1/27/10 St Johns shad. Click here
1/26/10 See recent Delaware river shad articles at Articles of Interest
1/20/09 - If you plan to fish for shad this year, you may have to register on the Federal Angler Registry. It is free. Go to www.countmyfish.noaa.gov or call 1-866-674-4411. Rules may vary from state to state.
1/6/10 - Recently I got an interesting article from the yahoo shad group about  a shad river in Oregon. It is called the Umpqua River. Check out the revised Articles of Interest page.
1/2/10 - Happy New Year to all. I have been updating my site and can not locate the New England Shad Association. Does anyone know if they still have a site on the internet?
12/24/09 Bill Mares got the first shad for the 2010 run. Congratulations William. 
12/24/09 - St. John's Shad Derby is January 30th. All welcome. Contact Rich Seipel for details. Invitation is at the right. Scroll down to see large version.
12/24/09 - Check out the Adopt a shad program. I sent in my $25.00.
11/22/09 Questionnaires eliminated. Now using new Survey system. See Shad Surveys.
11/19/09 New York DEC Shad fishing regulation update. Click here.
11/16/09 - Bill McWha of the DRSFA solicited stories to reflect the current status of the herring and shad populations to present at the New England Fisheries Management Council meeting today. Click Article of Interest Button to read them.  Good luck at the meeting, Bill. 
11/10/09 - New information on the Shad in Schools program has been posted. 
10/22/09 - Many people are now using twitter. Posting information about shad fishing and the problems with the fishery is a good way to get the word out. Including the words "American Shad" ,"Hickory Shad", or other specific terms helps with the search process. http://twitter.com/#search?q=woofish
9/29/09 - Shad fishing on the Hudson river has been suspended for 2010. Click here.
8/31/09 - DRSFA email:
Thursday, August 27th, President Ron Marks, Secretary Dave Bittner, John Berry and Bill McWha traveled to Harrisburg to meet with Rob Miller, Advisor to Governor Edward Rendell for Hunting,Fishing and Conservation. He is the gentleman who appoints the Commisioners to the PF&BC.
We had a lengthy meeting with Mr.Miller, discussing the DRSFA endorsed Shad Restoration Plan.
We discussed the previous email that showed the fry stock levels on the Delaware and we discussed the possibility of a shad hatchery for the Delaware River.
First photo: Dave Bittner,John Berry, Ron Marks, Bill McWha.
Second: John and Ron discuss the stocking report with Rob Miller.
Third: Dave and Rob Miller look at possible sites for a shad hatchery.
Fourth: We traveled to PFBC Headquarters to look for 'Skippy' and found a newly minted shad hanging on the wall. ( we never did find Skippy )
In July we loaned Skippy to the PF&BC, because they didn't have a shad in their lobby hanging along with the other game fish in PA.
Incidentally, you may want to know that the PF&BC was formed and charged with the restoration of American Shad runs in the Susquehanna and the Delaware Rivers.
But until August '09 they never had a shad of their own in the lobby. 

Our thanks to all for their efforts to restore the shad population. Join the DRSFA and do something your self. 

8/31/09 - PA fry fish stocking report. Click page at the right.

8/10/09 - NJ and PA new regs coming for Shad and Herring. Click here.
7/20/09 - I have received a number of reports from people including Shad Pappy that the fishing on the Delaware river seemed to be improved this year. Let's hope this trend continues. My feeling is the shad population is still at risk and we must do everything we can to protect it. The Shad in Schools program has been very successful and is helping to restore the shad. I have set up a page on this site to provide information about this program. If you have information or comment please send them in. How about setting up such a program in your area? Thanks.
6/28/09 - Flathead catfish are another threat to the shad population on the Delaware. Click here for article.
6/23/09 - I have started a Facebook group on the topic of Shad fishing click here. I am trying to ID as many Shad Fishing locations as I can around the world.  The list I compile with eventually be included on this site. Please help out. 
5/26/09 Shad aren't coming back in VA. See article. Click here.
4/3/09 - Notice the Nanticoke River Shad Festival in Vienna, MD will be held on 4/25/09. Those of you who live near by - check it out.
4/3/09 - I am getting more and more reports of fish being taken in MD, VA, PA, and NJ. The Delaware is in good shape, but this recent rain may bring up the levels somewhat. 
3/21/09 - Please do what you can to help restore the shad population. This site will be expanded to include information about the "Shad in Schools" program.
This is a wonderful program where students do a number of things to help with the recovery of shad including hatching shad eggs and releasing them into our rivers. For starters check out this link. For more information put "shad in schools" in the google search bar above.
3/20/09 - River temperature and flow information can be found on Woo's Shad Links. See button at the left.
2/24/09 - My Thanks to Tony Demick for submitting a fishing article. See link in right margin. 
2/10/09 - I just added some nice pictures of the Bonneville Dam. They are at the bottom of the 2008 Shad pictures.
2/1/09 Woo's email to ASMFC commissioners:
From: Peter Groves 
To: paul.diodati@state.ma.us ; mla@lobstermen.com ; RepVerga@gis.net 
Cc: 33 Bill McWha ; stripers@whatifnet.com ; jimgroves1@verizon.net ; 'Andrew Cummings' ; 'Larry Graffigna' ; '21Harry Delola' 
Sent: Sunday, February 01, 2009 5:45 PM
Subject: Shad and river Herring

Paul, Bill, and Tony (ASMFC - MA Commissioners)

 Please do what you can to protect the river herring and Shad populations which are in serious decline. I am a small business owner that sells home made fishing lures mostly for shad and striper fishing. The decline of the shad and stripers is definitely affecting my income as well as many tackle shops on the Cape. In these hard financial times, now is the time to do what can be done to help the small business man in the recreational fishing industry.  I am also impacted by the herring indirectly because they are an important food source for the striped bass which have become very scarce around Cape Cod. Being an avid striper surf fisherman, I can vouch for this.  I know the seals are eating the baitfish as well as the stripers, herring, and shad, but I feel the adverse affect of the trawlers is much more detrimental to them all. Why so often are the rules and regulations design to help the commercial interest before the recreational interests which are much more important from an economical standpoint. Look what the commercial guys were doing to the stripers in MD. A clear example of their greed! In the meantime, recreational fishermen at the Cape and other places are suffering from a lack of fish. If you have not seen the article about the striper poaching in MD, check out my site at www.woofish.com under news. We must do something now before it is too late. Thanks for your anticipated help in this matter. We need tighter commercial limits, by catch accurate reporting, area closures when and where appropriate and better enforcement of the laws.  We are depending on you guys to do what is right!


2/1/09 Recent Email from Bill McWha below:
Hi Everyone,
I took the liberty of copying the following letter from 'Stripers on Line'. Please go to the link and find your state representative to the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission and send them a quick note that supports protecting river herring. PLEASE.
Thanks for Caring,
Bill McWha
799 Bridge St.
Suffield, CT. 06078-2328
860-748-5312 Cell

Take Action to protect River Herring Today
On Wednesday, Feb 4, The Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission (ASMFC) Shad & River Herring Management board will be making final decisions on Draft Amendment 2 to the Shad & River Herring Fisheries Management Plan.

Government biologists report that the severe decline in River Herring stocks is due to a combination of issues. Even though recreational fishers are under a moratorium and in other states the directed commercial fishery has been reduced or closed completely, there were only very minor gains in a few rare locations but overall the decline continues. The one issue thus far ignored in actual regulations has been the fact that since 2001 over 1 million pounds of River Herring have been recorded as by catch in the Atlantic (Sea) Herring fishery.

On Wednesday the ASMFC will have the opportunity to take significant action. You can help by taking a few minutes to send an e-mail right now!! Each state has three ASMFC seats. The three seats are filled by a state fisheries commissioner, a governor’s appointee and a legislative appointee. Lists of commissioners can be found at the following link: 


States we expect on our side: NY, PA, MD, NC, VA
States we are not sure of: DE, GA, SC, NH
Potential Problem States where we need a lot of pressure: ME, MA, NJ, CT, RI

Urge your commissioners to support recreational harvest option 5 that will institute a complete moratorium on recreational harvest. Urge them to also support commercial harvest option 4 which would close direct commercial fishing for River Herring except for sustainable fisheries. 

Most importantly tell your commissioners that it is time for strict by catch regulations to be included in the River Herring plan. Ask them to vote for at least the following three options:
Option 3a will establish limits on river herring by catch in other commercial fisheries
Option 3b would require mandatory reporting of by catch and discards at a statistically confident level
Option 3c would mandate time/area closures for fisheries know to have high River Herring by catch. 

2/1/09 - Today I got the following Yahoo shad group message from Joe Zaientz. "I am sad to report that my associate and co-founder of  the Haddam Shad Museum, George Bernard, passed away today. George was 82 and in seemingly good health but he suffered from a stroke and died a week later. It wasn't until I met George that I learned that people angled for Shad. I live on the lower Connecticut River where our shad history is commercial, i.e fixed nets & hauling seines from the past, and presently drift nets.
   In the '20's near where I live, the State had a fish hatchery(on the Salmon River) and George discovered the shad fishing on this river. In those days deboning shad was a family secret but somehow George managed to seduce the lady deboners in revealing their secrets. George collected every bit of literature about shad and when we started the museum he provided the greater percentage of the material. We have three 3' by 5' boards of shad darts he had acquired. We visited many older commercial shad fishermen  and George was great at interviewing them with tape cassette and video. I know that many of you have enjoyed meeting and talking with George; he has made a great contribution to shad interest and we will miss him greatly." I am sure the whole shad community extends condolences to both Joe and George's family. A good way to honor George is to visit the museum.
1/25/09 - I posted Bill McWha's recent email concerning the Conowingo Dam fish lifting problems on the Articles of Interest page.
1/19/09 - Click Woo's Shad Links button at left to get links for all shad pictures. 
1/17/09 - Click here for a great shad fly fishing video from France. See New Video page. Please send in your videos as well as pictures. 
1/12/09 I have been getting reports of fish taken on St. Johns. Get out there and give it a try. 
1/11/09 Check this link for a report of a shad taken in Florida. Please post a report if you have any information regarding shad catches in Florida. 
1/2/09 Happy New year to all. Check out this link for a very upsetting article.
bayjournal.com article on shad. As Bill MCWha said to me, why bother to lift the shad at the Conowingo Dam? Get involved. Make your voice heard!
12/16/08 - Check out JB Kasper's 12/12/08 Trenton Times Article. Click Articles of Interest.

 If you would like to receive an email of recent Shad Fishing information from my site, please enter your name and email address into the Shad Quick Communicator above or send an email. Your information will be added to my SHAD NUTS bulk email list. You can drop your name from this list at any time if you wish. Names and address are never sold or given away for any other purpose. This way you will be alerted to significant changes on my shad site. If you are on the list and have a new email address, please send it to me.

Old info at bottom of page from 2007 and 2008
Hickory Shad
SHAD QUICK COMMUNICATOR - Just type message and press Submit button. Please identify yourself and include email address to get reply. Enter key will not send message. REMEMBER YOU MUST LEAVE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS TO PLACE AN ORDER OR GET A REPLY.
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12/3/08 Here is the picture of the attendees at the 2008 shad derby on the St. Johns River in Florida. If you are interested in attending for 2009 please email Woo. This dedicated group always has a great time.

9/28/08 - I received the following email from Bill McWha. The meeting he refers to is also significant to the Shad population:
This coming week is the New England Fisheries Management Council's Herring Oversight Committee meeting in Portland,ME. Attached is the meeting announcement. It is open to the public and anyone can attend.
So far I am planning to attend this 2 day meeting, I understand that data will be released to begin to show where the river herring are being caught and by what fishery.
I've heard that all the blame may not lie solely on the midwater trawlers. However with their start-up in the early nineties and further ramp-up in 2000 and the direct time correlation between them and the decline in herring and shad populations, I suspect that midwater trawls have huge impact on these species.
Below is a link to the historic fish counts on the Connecticut River since 1967.
Remember that the Holyoke fishlift is 60 miles upstream from the mouth of the river. That is why there are estimates and actual counts.
I might even tape this session, if that occurs, video to follow.
Thank You All,
Bill McWha
799 Bridge St.
Suffield, CT. 06078-2328
860-778-7167 Cell

9/6/08 - I have written the NEFMC  an email requesting action to save the shad and striper population from the devastating off shore netting. How about you doing the same. Below are all the email address you need: 'jimfair@comcast.net'; 'smcgee@environmentaldefense.org'; 'cbat@comcast.net'; 'trawlers@maine.rr.com'; 'johnp@ccchfa.org'; 'johnp@ccchfa.org'; 'fishearlybird@cox.net'; 'danarice@peoplepc.com'; 'ecpa@adelphia.net'; 'Joseph.McGuiness@uscg.mil', 'George.lapointe@maine.gov'; 'terry.stockwell@maine.gov'; 'michael.sullivan@dem.ri.gov'; 'mark.gibson@dem.ri.gov'; 'paul.diodati@state.ma.us'; 'david.pierce@state.ma.us'; 'david.simpson@po.state.ct.us'; 'douglas.grout@wildlife.nh.gov'; 'claribel.mcbane@wildlife.nh.gov'; 'pat.kurkul@noaa.gov'; 'George.Darcy@noaa.gov'; 'francesflt@aol.com'; 'rodavila@comcast.net'; 'ripc@comcast.net'; 'egoethel@comcast.net'
9/5/08 - I got the following email the other day. It highlights one of the main sources for the decline of the American Shad. "I would like ask everyone who reads this blog, to begin to familiarize themselves with the Atlantic Herring Midwater Trawl Fishery and the affects of this fishery on American Shad and River Herring stocks.
 Also to find out what the New England Fishery Management Council (NEFMC) is, as well as the Mid-Atlantic Fishery Management Council (MAFMC). These bodies regulate open-ocean fishing for a number of different species.
It is the believe of many people that the midwater trawl (MWT) herring fishery,which started in 1992, is the culprit to drastically lower anadromous fish returns to  the natal rivers of the east coast.
The NEFMC is holding a meeting on Atlantic Herring October 7-9 Hilton Hotel in Mystic, CT.
It is my believe that the general public must start to exert pressure on the NEFMC, forcing them to curtail or stop this fishery.
Area 1A has been closed to MWT's for the summer fishery, Area 2 needs to be closed to MWT's during the Winter-Spring fishery.
Please write your concerns to the NEFMC or plan to attend the meetings in October.

Thank You,
Bill McWha
5/27/08 - The Shad Fishing Questionnaire for 2008 is available. If you are done shad fishing please send yours in. You may be lucky like Dave McCutcheon and win some lures next year. 
5/1/08 - Customers in NE are reporting catches in Conn and Mass. 
4/29/08 - New about the Tournament on the Delaware click here.
4/29/08 - My vacation trip to fish the Delaware last week was great, but the fishing was poor. I only had 7 shad in many, many hours of casting. However, the weather was outstanding and my fishing partners at my old haunts were fun as usual. I sure hope the run on the Delaware improves. I will be making the drawing for the free lures from those who sent in their 2007 shad fishing questionnaire at the end of this week, so there is still time to get yours in.
4/15/08 - Please visit www.reeltightclub.com. This sight was started by our service personel stationed in Italy. Do what you can to support them. It is our way of giving back for the outstanding job they are doing for all of us. 
4/14/08 - The Delaware river is heating up and some guys are making some nice catches. I have reports of fishing being caught all the way up to Port Jervis, NY.
Get out there and enjoy the beautiful scenery.
4/13/08 - I am still accepting 2007 Shad Fishing questionnaires for 2007, but will soon make the drawing for the winner of the free lures. I only have 10 entries so far so the chances of winning are pretty good. Get them in!
4/1/08 - Woo is humbled. It was so nice of Philadelphia to name their shad after me. They call them "Woos Shad". Check it out here. Ha Ha. It is April Fools Day.
3/16/08 - See another article about the Hudson river shad regulation changes from News Day.
3/15/08 Billy Smith notified me of some new shad fishing regulations on the Hudson river because of the very low number of fish. See Poughkeepsie Journal article. The next step could be complete ban of all fishing for shad. Please remember Catch and Release can help this situation.

2/28/08 Click the following link to read a nice shad article. Shad recipes.

2/25/08 - I have added a new button at the left so you can go directly to view the most recent report in one step. If you then want to enter a report just hit the return button. I now have shad flies for sale on Woo's Lures if anyone is interested. I also am adding a page of Shad River Maps . Still under construction. See button at left. 

2/18/08 - The New England Shad Association site is back on the Internet. It is a good Shad site check it out.  I got a recent report from a good customer that the shad are running pretty well on the OGeechee River in GA. Click here for  info about this fishery. Article may be old, but it is still informative. I could not find a date. Rumor has it #2 chartreuse spoons are effective.

2/9/08 - I hear Shad Pappy is stepping down from the presidency of the Delaware River Shad Fishing Association. His dedication to the DRSFA and Shad fishing in general I am sure has been appreciated by all of us.  Good Luck George! Now you will have more time for fishing.

2/8/08 - Check out the Lehigh Valley Watershed Conference and Shad Symposium on March 28th, 2008 · Holiday Inn Fogelsville, PA

1/31/08 - Fishing in Florida and SC is picking up. Get out there and give it a try. See 1st Shad picture of the year at the right. Thanks Clay.
1/17/08 - I collect Shad Fishing books. I both buy and sell. So if you have any old ones you would like to sell let me know. Reading about shad keeps me busy while I wait for the run to start. Please submit your reports from the St Johns where the action has started. Remember some of the information links that used to be on this page can be found by clicking the Woo's Shad Links button at the left. You will find new and current information there.

1/15/08 - The action on the St. Johns is starting to heat up in Florida. See shad reports. Also, it is apparent  from the reports the boat guys on the Delaware are getting cabin fever. Idle chatter has started. They could at least start getting their gear in order.  The southern boys are getting ready. I am starting to get backed up with orders at Woo's Lures. Get your orders in early. Remember once I start fishing, your order may have to wait. I am still accepting 2007 pictures to be posted and questionnaires. Get them to me before you are too busy fishing. Have fun and remember Catch and Release. 
12/30/07 - Today I received an interesting email and some pictures from Sam Chapman.  Thanks Sam.
I have attached it below: Smoking shad and shad spawning tank and egg filter are pictures. 

"The Waldoboro Shad Hatchery provides American shad fry to the State of Maine for its shad restoration program on the Kennebec River. The hatchery receives adult shad that are placed in 15' tanks and allowed to spawn. The eggs are collected each morning and placed into incubators in the egg-fry culture building. Hatched shad fry are fed, marked and released into the Kennebec River By Maine Department of Maine Resources Shad Restoration staff. In 2007 the hatchery produced 9.2 million marked American shad fry for Maine's shad restoration program. 
Not all American shad broodstock transported to the Waldoboro Hatchery survive the trip. Those that don't are salted and smoked. There is no better tasting smoked fish available anywhere. The 3 PM shad and beer break at the Waldoboro Shad Hatchery is the envy of many academic, state and federal employees. :o)
For further shad hatchery information, read McPhee's The Founding Fish, Chapter 5. 
For information about shad restoration in Maine contact Nate Gray, Maine Department of Marine Resources Sea Run Fish and Habitat Division: Nate.Gray@maine.gov 
Samuel R. Chapman
50 Bremen Road
Waldoboro, ME 04572

Click torch below to download full 2007 
Hydroacoustic monitoring report. Be patient there is a lot to download.
Other States

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1st Shad picture of 2009. William Mares on the St Johns River in Florida. Sorry Clay did not repreat for the 3rd year. 
Jesse's Hunting & Outdoors Topsites List
Will Clay send in the first shad picture of the year for the 3rd straight year? Must be caught in 2009! No! Bill Mares was #1 for 2009. Sorry Clay. He redeemed himself in 2010.

See Woo's Shad Videos for more
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1st Shad picture of 2008 on the St Johns River in Florida. Clay Henderson. Sorry Clay did not repreat for the 3rd year. 
My thanks to Tony Demick for the Just Fishin' article. Click below
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1st Shad picture of 2010 Shad run. William Mares on the St Johns River in Florida got it on 12/24/09. It looks like he sent in the 1st and last shad picture for 2009.
Use "American Shad" in twitter  searches and entries.
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Clay Henderson sent in the first shad picture this year. He got it on the St Johns on 2/20/10.
Once again Guy Neff is winner for 2015!! 4 years in a row with this 15.5  inch shad. 
Chris Black, a Woo's Lures customer, sent in the first picture of 2011. I am waiting on particulars of the catch. 
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Guy Neff wins the first picture of 2012. He caught this nice fish on New years Day on the St Johns  east of Orlando.

12/15/14 Shad Derby scheduled for January 24, 2015. Contact Shad Derby, 7806 Cortez Rd.., Brandenton, FL 34210
12/28/13 Reports of shad taken on Saint Johns river in Florida
5/17/13 Don't forget the HG&E Shad Derby on May 18 and 19. http://www.hged.com/html/shadderby.html
 5/10/13 Click here to se the Conn. River Marine Fisheries report on shad. 
1/11/13 Shad tournament on the Delaware. See Current News and New sites section on Woo's Shad Links.
1/8/13 See recent letter from DRSFA.article. The DRSFA has some great mugs & hats for sale.
1/7/13 I have just added a great article about the Delaware river. It is old, but worth a re-read.
1/5/13 The Orlando Kayak Fishing Club has current fishing reports on its forum. OKFC See Woo's Shad Links for Clubs.
1/1/13 -See DRSFA notice below. DRSFA Banquet and Fundraiser 1/19/13. Happy New Year.
12/28/12 - Shad should be taken soon in the St. Johns river in Florida. Please provide reports when they arrive. 
12/19/12 - Please take a short questionnaire survey for your shad season in 2012. There will be a drawing for free lures from those who submit their information. Thank you. 
All Notices and Comments prior to 2013 can been seen by scrolling down the page.
I will continue to maintain this site, but my stroke in 2011 makes it much more difficult.Help by providing pertinent information would be appreciated. 
12/11/12 During and after a fishing trip sanitation and cleaning are very important. Since you will not likely have the best cleaning service NYC has to offer at your disposal, you'll have to be prepared with soap, clean water, hand sanitizer, some spare rags and anything else you might think will be useful if you plan on gutting your days catch before you bring the fish home. This will ensure you will be able to clean your hands and workstation after preparing your fish for the journey home. Double click here to add text.

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For 2 year's in a row Guy Neff wins the first picture of 2013 He caught this nice 16" fish on 12/28/12 on the St Johns .
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1/1/16 Please Support the 2016 Shad Derby on 1/23/16. Info on Picture above. Happy New Year. from old Woo.
5/5/15 Here is a good site for info on the Conn. river. 
3/7/15 I got a report from a slimy friend that the shad are in the Delaware.
1/8/15 There may be some delays this year. Order your darts and spoons now. Press the Woo's Lures button at the left. Thanks.
1/8/15 Don't miss a free seminar on Shad Fishing the Delaware River that will take place on March 6, 2015 in PA? It's the Hemlock Rod & Gun Club's Annual Fishing Seminar March 6, 2014 @6pm at the Fraternal order of Eagles, 920 Trenton Rd, Fairless Hills, PA 19030. Free door prizes. 
1/1/15 Happy New Year everyone. Lets hope for a great shad run in 2015.
12/15/14 Shad Derby scheduled for January 24, 2015. Contact Shad Derby, 7806 Cortez Rd.., Brandenton, FL 34210
12/14/14 Who will be the first one to send in a picture for the 2015 season? Get going you guys in Florida. I bet the fish are in the river already.
Guy Neff wins the first picture of 2014. .
2015 winner ------------------------------------>
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