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Jigging Spoons / Ice Fishing
I have found shad spoons to be very adaptive to ice fishing. I have started using an altered willow leaf spoon with treble hooks for ice fishing on Cape Cod. It has proved to be more effective than the small kastmaster spoons I normally use. Since it is light, It has an enticing flutter action, and on the decent in the water it skids sideways covering a larger area around the hole than a heavier spoon. They are also effective jigging open water from a boat.  It works so well I have decided to include it in my selection of Woo's Lures. Try it you'll like it.  See links below for other ice fishing lures.

Colored big eye jigging spoons added in 2011 - see below
#3 Painted Big Eye Jigging Spoons
Type Code
Price: .85 Ea.
Specify color Gold or Silver when ordering.
Other lures from Woo's Lures that are effective for Ice Fishing include:

#3 Spoons with the short hook
EH Spoons
Shad Jigs

Jigging spoons made with other willow leaves are available on a custom basis. Call or email  for a price.
When ordering please subsitute the # in the type code with the number for the color to be ordered. Numbers top to bottom are 1 thru 9. Colors are red, chartreuse, pink, glitter chartreuse, orange, black, green, white, and yellow.

Price: $1.00 each ( a low introductory price for such a quality lure)
These spoons are made with #3 willow leaves painted with powder paint with a single eye on the top side. They are fitted with strong treble hooks in size #8 or #6. Spoons in picture have #6 hooks which is my preferred size.
#3 Hex Jigging Spoons
Type Code
taken on chartreuse big eye spoon
Fish taken testing the lures on the ice at Cape Code 1/18/11