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3/1/17- Due to USPS many rate increases the last 4 years, I am finally following suit and increasing my S/H rates effective 3/1/17. Sorry, but they are killing me. New Orderform with rates.
9/27/14 New "Lures Special" section under Other.
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Wide variety of spoons available
More information at
Wide Variety Available
Shad Spoon Weights
Low prices
Best Striper Lure Available
This deadly lure only available at Woo's Lures
wide variety of jigs available
Use circle hooks for a better release of the fish
These 1" tails give your darts more action
low cost item to jazz up your lures
Sickle Darts with very sharp hooks
Popular Double Shad Rig
Hard to find large sizes available
Gifts & Resale Boxes
Wide variety of spoons available
Shorter hook and split rings included
Inexpensive soft popper
Solder to make your own spoons
Inexpensive spoon. Casts like a bullet.
Check out the shad books
Great new design
Flies for shad!!!
New #3 spoon with serrated blade
Great fish attractors
Only available at Woo's Lures
One for the ladies
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weights, snaps, swivels, more
Terminal Tackle
Make your own spoons
Removable Split Shot
Gift Boxes
Environmentally pure tin darts
Artist: Paul Gelesh - 443-350-6248
Prints Available. Click picture for details
One for the ladies
Scroton Creek Tackle.
Home of the Flexeel Fly
One for the ladies