Woo's Shad Fishing Flies 
Are once again available

These flies are a very popular shad fly design. They are well tied on a #4 hook, and come in the six colors combinations shown in the picture below. In addition to being a good choice for you fly fishermen, they can be fished on my single or double shad rigs. All you have to do is substitute the fly for the spoon on the rig. A wooden fly casting egg could also be used. They are now available for purchase.  Most fly tiers on the internet charge $1.50 or more for comparable flies. Try a Google search, and see if you can find them cheaper. If you do, I will give you a discounted price on your order. Just email me the url with your order.
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Price: $1.50 each plus S/H.  Please specify Colors and quantity
Bulk Price: $1.40 each plus S/H - 24 or more - Any mix of colors
All colors now available.

                                                  Type Code SFLYSP
Shad Fly special - Includes a set of 6. One of each color as pictured above. No requests for color changes.
Price: 7.50 plus S/H (that's 1.25 ea.)
Unavailable colors will be substituted with available colors

Type Code SFLY
Shad taken on a fly that looks like one of Woo's Flies above. I told you they work!
Type Code: SFLY
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Shad flies are available for saltwater fishermen in 4/0 hook size. Colors are the same as the smaller flies above. Email for availabitity and pricing. These make great droppers.